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Choose & Know the Fit

Four Simple Steps to Optimizing Your Talent Strategy

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A Scientific Approach to Talent Selection

Step 3: CHOOSE | Know the Fit

When hiring, relying solely on resumes and interviews can be tricky. Choosing the right candidate for the job is important to avoid costly mistakes. That's where the PXT Select™ assessment comes in.


This tool compares candidates' results to job requirements, giving an overall Job Fit result. The closer the result is to the target, the better the fit. Using 20 different variables that span Thinking Styles, Behavioral Traits, and Interests, PXT Select provides unbiased insight across all candidates, making it easier to choose the right person for the job.

Conversation Between Colleagues

Personalized Tools for your Talent Selection Needs

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"Can they do the job?"

Also known as cognitive ability, this is the number one predictor of success on the job. It defines how a person processes information for problem-solving, communication, and learning skills. Learn how well the candidate matches the preferred verbal and numerical capabilities for the role. For example, can the candidate understand complex instructions? Can they efficiently make decisions based on complex numerical data !!


"How do they do the job!!!"

This portion of the assessment measures a person’s key tendencies and preferences across nine different behavioral traits as a measure for predicting future behavior. Learn, for example, if a candidate tends to be cooperative and work within the rules, or if they tend to set their own direction and act independently. Does the candidate tend to work at a steady pace, or do they tend to work very quickly? Is the candidate comfortable making quick decisions even when limited information is available, or do they prefer to make decisions more deliberately?


"Will they enjoy the job !!!"

This section helps predict motivation and potential satisfaction with a given job. The more their interests align with what the job requires, the more they will enjoy it. This is critical because we know that people who are happier in their jobs are more productive, more effective, and more engaged.

Recommended Tools for This Step in the Process
  • Comprehensive Selection Report

  • Multiple Candidates Report

  • Sales: Comprehensive Report

  • Multiple Positions Report

Comprehensive Selection Report


This report allows you to compare a single individual against the performance model for a given job, and determine how well suited they may be for the role.

Download Sample Report

Multiple Candidates Report

This report allows you to compare multiple candidates for a single position on one document, so you can choose the candidate who may be the best fit for the role.

Download Sample Report
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Sales: Comprehensive Report

This report provides the same benefit as the Comprehensive Selection report, but with a focus on sales positions to help you select the right people for your sales team.

Download Sample Report
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Multiple Positions Report

This report allows hiring managers to compare a candidate against other open positions that they didn’t originally know about, or apply for. A great tool for when you are hiring for multiple positions and need flexibility in how to move potential candidates around.

Download Sample Report
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How We Can Help You

Simplify the selection process

Engage your people

Reduce hiring bias

Increase productivity

Replicate top performers

Decrease the cost of bad hires

Increase employee retention

Increase employee satisfaction

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