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M.I.S.S.Consult Coaching Program :
Executive Coaching

One on One : Executive and Leadership Coaching

None of us recognizes every obstacle we face and we don't always see how we could improve. Our team coaches have been there, too, and we want to help you excel.

Executive Coaching gives you a thinking partner. We work outside your day-to-day work and you can speak freely and confidentially with us. We will challenge your assumptions and support you to reach new levels, giving you an enormous opportunity to be even more successful. Coaching delivers leaps in awareness that open up new possibilities in dramatic ways for people.

When leaders are able to let go of restrictive ways of seeing themselves and the world, they discover more authentic, creative; and resourceful ways of achieving fulfilling lives and vibrant workplaces.

As coaches we use our intuition, provide deep active listening; and create awareness by asking intuitive and powerful questions. We will coach you to notice self-perceived limits and become aware of different perspectives, so you can break through your barriers and achieve things you may not have even known you could achieve. And, of course, we help you be accountable throughout the coaching process.

Coaching Process


Benefits to Companies their leaders use coaching :


  • Productivity 53% 

  • Quality 48%

  • Organizational strength 48%

  • Customer services 39%

  • Reducing customer complaints 34%

  • Retaining executives who receving coaching 32%

  • Cost reduction 23%

  • Bottom-line profitability 22%

Benefits to executives and leaders who received Coaching are :


  • Improved working relationships with direct report 77%

  • Improved working relationships with immediate supervisors 71%

  • Better Teamwork 67%

  • Improved working relationships with peers 63%

  • Job satisfaction 61%

  • Conflict reduction 52%

  • Organizational commitment 44 %

  • Improved working relationships with clients. 37%

Got A New Leader in Your Organization

Recruiting / Promoting / Moving someone laterally into a new role to lead a new team? In all of these scenarios, there are inevitable slowdowns, challenges, and learning curves for the leader and the team. We have solutions to minimize these challenges and maximize success for everyone. 


M.I.S.S.Consult Leadership program is designed to help the leader, and the team hit their stride quickly, saving all kinds of transition costs. Our One to One coaching for the new leader is also advisable as it provides incredible gains for any leader who is open to improving. We can help make the transition to the new leader as smooth as possible.

The Accelerating Success Program

Minimizing disruption and maximizing success can be a challenge when a new leader is hired. Our "Accelerating Success program" helps executives and senior leaders jump into a new role by focusing on getting both the leader and their new team through that challenging transition, quickly, and back to delivering critical success.

Our emphasis is on the team leader getting to know their team -the individuals, the issues and the obstacles, along with the team getting to know the leader- the idiosyncrasies that can take months to learn without this program. We use a coach approach to draw out previously unspoken concerns and expectations, then a carefully facilitated workshop to bring it all together.

Our Certified guide the team and the new leader in how to use their new understanding to develop, buy-into, and implement a plan to get over the hurdles and become a high performance team.

Want to Build strong relationships with the team and impress your Boss.

Taking on the leadership of a team can be daunting. Even for an experienced leader. Every new role comes with its own challenges, while every team has its own culture and individual personalities. When you embark on a new leadership role you want to make sure you're set up for success.


We design programs to help you anticipate problems before they erupt and quickly discover the unique opportunities for improvement that may not normally present themselves for months after your arrival. Our program helps you and your new earn hit the ground running toward operating as a high-performing team in less time than usual. Additionally, give some thought to engaging a coach for one-to-one growth. Leadership coaching isn't a perk and it isn't to "fix problems".


Coaching is how some smart leaders get even better. We can help make the transition for the new leader as smooth as possible.

Our success stories

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