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Every organization has unique personnel needs and must be able to adapt to growth. That's where MISSConsult specializes in psychology and human potential development. Our Assessment Selection service guarantees 100% satisfaction through measuring, evaluating, and analyzing individuals' skills, knowledge, abilities, and potential.


Our comprehensive assessment covers all qualifications and characteristics for selecting the most suitable personnel. We confidently guarantee the quality of our services.

Assessment Center

Every organization has unique requirements for competent personnel who can adapt to the organization's growth. M.I.S.S.Consult offers a recruitment service that focuses on psychology and human potential development. Our service model includes Assessment Selection, which measures and evaluates our candidates' skills, knowledge, abilities, and potential to ensure 100% satisfaction. We use various approaches and methods to assess behaviour, covering all the characteristics of high-performing personnel.

Our behavioural assessment group provides simulated work environments for the target position for a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your personnel across all departments. Our assessments utilize various techniques and scenarios to verify the desired traits of the individuals being evaluated. Our assessments are uniquely crafted with specific tools and methodologies to guarantee a distinct format and process.

If you want a thorough evaluation of the necessary behaviours, attitudes, and competencies for optimal performance in your desired job position, the Assessment Center is the most effective option. This assessment is particularly useful for critical and high-risk roles.


At M.I.S.S.Consult, we use models and tools that adhere to Positive Psychology & Behavioral Consultation Theory principles to ensure maximum operational efficiency. Our assessment process follows three steps to determine if the work meets the expected standards or needs improvement.


Assessment Center

The Secret of Human Capital  Success


important criteria for an assessment system


of an assessment system


a set of assessment tools for use in your program


1. Identify components of an assessment system: 


Companies must choose the right model to create an effective assessment system based on their needs. Understanding each organization's unique qualities and defining the assessment process to select qualified candidates who fit the corporate culture is important. This approach leads to hiring employees who will succeed and stay with the company for the long haul.

2. Identify important criteria for an assessment system.


To ensure that the right personnel are selected and can deliver the expected results, M.I.S.S.CONSULT conducts a corporate-specific assessment of the key factors for each position. This includes surveying the area and interviewing people involved in the position and successful individuals in that same role. This key factor analysis is aimed at helping organizations identify the factors necessary for success.

3. Identify a set of assessment tools for use in your program


We will provide the company team with a selection of assessment tools and their examples that will be used in the MISSCONSULT system. We will introduce various tools and methods and include a sample report specific to the organization. We aim to ensure that these tools are efficient and can be used continuously by the Human Resources Department and senior management for effective investment management.

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