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Show Your Manager You're a Pro by Being Adaptable.

Gaining your boss's respect isn't guaranteed; it takes effort. Firstly, it's important to understand what's important to your manager. Pay attention to their priorities and the pressures they're experiencing.

Secondly, finding the best way to communicate with your boss is crucial. You may need to adjust your preferred communication style to suit them. Do they prefer email, texts, or face-to-face conversations? How often do they want to be updated? Once a week? Once a day? Only when necessary?

Additionally, asking your boss how much detail they want about your work is important. Do they prefer analysis or your judgment? If there's a mismatch in how you and your boss work, for example, you check email every hour, but they wait to read their inbox for days and have an honest conversation about understanding each other's preferences. Openly discuss the situation and find a solution together.


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