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How to determine if you are a toxic worker and how to change for the better.

Have you ever considered whether you might unknowingly be a toxic colleague? Toxic coworkers are often universally disliked, and it can be difficult to recognize if you're exhibiting toxic behavior. Here are some reasons why your colleagues might perceive you as toxic and some strategies you can use to improve your behavior:

1. You come across as cold: To appear more approachable and warm, consciously pay attention to others. Maintain eye contact when speaking or listening, and most importantly, focus on what others say. Your colleagues want to feel heard and understood, just like you.

2. You may appear selfish: Have you considered how much you think about your coworkers and their perspectives? Try to be more curious and ask them questions. Practice empathy and attempt to understand their point of view.

3. You are seen as a stickler for the rules: While following rules is important, being too rigid can make you seem inflexible and difficult to work with. Try to be more flexible about rules that aren't unethical or illegal to break. When you must adhere to the rules, explain your reasoning and how it


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