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Public Training Course 

W.O.R.K. Communication

(1 Day with a complimentary Psychometric Test Assessment). This class accommodates up to 40 participants, and it focuses on activities and role-play, making it suitable for everyone.
  • Discover the basics of workplace psychology,
  • Understanding employee personalities through the W.O.R.K principle
  • Techniques for persuasive communication and analyzing communication-based on individual personalities.
  • Boost employee appeal with psychological principles.

Innovative Coaching

(1 Day with Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment) It accommodates 40 participants/class, ideal for managers and above.
  • Gain awareness of your own and others' personalities in the workplace with the universal standard (DiSC)
  • Learn techniques for assessing individual personalities using the DiSC method.
  • Coaching skills for performance management to foster collaboration
  • Communication skills and emotional management in the workplace to create a balanced utilization of employee potential

Being a Manager

(2 Days with Everything DiSC Management Profile Assessment) Receive a Management Certification and training tools. It accommodates 25 participants/class and is suitable for executives at all levels.
Day 1
  • Learn about the personality traits of executives, including their strengths and tendencies that impact management.
  • Learn how to use personality traits as an executive to create a sustainable image and acceptance.
  • Learn techniques for dealing with difficult or hard-to-manage subordinates.
  • Learn planning and delegation techniques and how to review work results professionally.
  • Learn techniques for team building, motivation, and creating confidence in the organization as part of long-term success.
Day 2
  • Learn professional team development planning techniques.
  • Learn communication techniques for executives in the form of Supervising, Teaching, Training, and Coaching appropriate to the situation and expectations.
  • Understand how to manage confidence with senior executives.
  • Learn communication methods to achieve success with related senior executives.
  • Learn how to control the image and create the desired perception for management success.
  • Learn techniques for creating charismatic leadership.
  • Learn communication techniques to achieve success in vision and unique personal charm with psychological principles.

Excellence Presenting

(1 Day with Psychometric Test Assessment) Accommodates 40 participants/class.
  • Suitable only for individuals who wish to enhance their presentation skills for high-level executives.
  • Basic presentation skills, such as PowerPoint proficiency or prior presentation experience, are required.
  • Learn about personality traits when communicating, including physical appearance, tone of voice, and gestures.
  • Learn how to adjust your personality to gain acceptance.
  • Learn skills and prepare for impactful presentation delivery.
  • Learn speaking and communication skills to create vision and confidence with senior executives in a limited time for maximum effectiveness.
  • Learn how to manage stress during questioning.
  • Learn meeting management and presentation skills.

Stakeholder Management

(1 Day with Psychometric Test Assessment) Capacity: 40 participants.Ideal for individuals who interact with a diverse range of people and experience high variability in their work environment.
  • Develop awareness of your own and others' personalities.
  • Learn techniques to build confidence in working with diverse individuals.
  • Learn change management techniques and how to manage performance under change and pressure.
  • Learn communication techniques and skills for 360-degree personnel management.
  • Explore different communication styles and communication techniques for efficiency in high-pressure situations.
  • Learn techniques for tracking performance and creating successful collaboration towards goals.

Conflict Management

(1 Day with Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Assessment)
Capacity: 40 participants.
This course is suitable for team leaders or executives who want to manage to give effective feedback to their teams or stakeholders, as well as for individuals looking to enhance their skills in effective communication during conflicts.
  • Learn and become aware of your and your colleagues' personalities using the Everything DiSC model.
  • Understand the dynamics of Healthy and Unhealthy Conflict in the workplace.
  • Learn skills to assess and analyze the levels of individuals impacting the creation of Healthy and Unhealthy Conflict.
  • Develop the ability to express and control body language appropriately in high-pressure situations.
  • Master communication techniques to manage, resolve, and reduce conflicts in various situations for effective goal achievement.
  • Acquire communication techniques and strategies for working with individuals who are challenging to manage.
  • Learn techniques for managing internal organizational politics and conflicts without negatively impacting work performance.
  • Conclude with planning behavioral adjustments to support the development of professional conflict management skills like those of leading executives.
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