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Management Intelligence Strategy for Success 
M.I.S.S.CONSULT was founded in 2005 with the objective of providing quality service for self-improvement based on a psychological framework that is advantageous to both the worker and the company.
M.I.S.S.CONSULT has developed the necessary consulting services to help develop that human potential. We offer Psychometric testing for employee selection and development, behavior consultation, personal coaching, and training to organizations and individuals with the objective of providing quality service for evaluation and self-improvement. MissConsult ’s team consists of experts ranging from psychiatrists, psychologists, and chief executives who have obtained international certifications in personal development and psychological expertise. M.I.S.S.CONSULT products and services are designed with the objective of finding self-potential and creating motivation to understand self-potential.  
"We help companies better understand their people then drive behavior to
build a better relationship, ambition competitive mindset"
1.  Assessment Selection:
Every organization needs the right people to fit the needs of each position.  These employees need to have the ability to grow with the company. An in-depth search for employees will help increase the efficiency in meeting the above needs.  We are confident in our methods, and we guarantee 100%. If the client isn’t happy with the selection of the candidate, we will provide a full refund.
2. Behavioral Consultant:
       “A person’s actions are based on their thinking process and intent. This person can be persuaded to willingly make lasting changes.”
M.I.S.S.CONSULT understands the above principles, and we know the organization's needs that want their employees to improve and work towards result-oriented goals. The behavioral training program is designed to respond to the needs of both the organization and the employee in order to provide the understanding and create the necessary changes that will lead to positive and lasting behavioral changes. Each course has a maximum of ten people.
3. Consulting and Coaching:
Everyone can reach their potential. However, he or she also has obstacles that place limitations on his or her development. A professional coach will help develop a plan to overcome these obstacles to fulfill their full potential. M.i.s.s.Consult believes that coaching needs to be a collaborative partnership between a coach who is dedicated to your goals, agenda, and intentions and a willing coachee who is ready to drive positive change in his life. Without both elements, a successful executive coaching experience will not be achieved.
MissConsult’s Executive Career Coaching Service has the following objectives:
  • In the initial phase, the coach will assess the coachee’s attitude, personality style, and readiness to be coached. M.I.S.S.The consult will provide a psychometric test and conduct an interview.
  • The organization or individual will then receive the results of the pre-assessment. These results will contain whether or not the coachee is indeed open to introspection and willing to change. At this phase, you should decide whether or not you believe it is a practical choice to go forward with this program based on our feedback.
  • If you believe that the key challenges and goals will be achieved through this program, the coachee will meet 2-3 of our executive coaches and choose the one they are most comfortable working with.
  • Once they have decided, both the company and coachee will receive a contract, confidentiality agreement, and other documents pertinent to the program.
  • At the start of the coaching program, the coachee and coach will discuss the goals and objectives of the program so they can start working on a strategic plan of action. The coach will always work within the confidentiality guidelines noted in the contract.
We provide a post-assessment service to measure the performance and growth of the coachee by gathering information obtained from confidential surveys from superiors and peers. With this information, we can design new development objectives if needed.
4. Training:
We provide training for the specific needs of the organization by using M.i.s.s.Consult unique training strategy.  We make a difference because of the following steps:
  • To build realization: The person who goes to the training will understand the root of their current limitations and the reasons why these limitations are present.
  • To create understanding: The Training process focuses on activities to assist in the performance of the issues that need to be changed. To build the confidence to use this guide as an actual plan to solve problems in real situations.
  • To create willingness: Self-motivation is the key ingredient to successful training and a continuous evaluation process is also necessary.  With the training we offer, we also provide a post-assessment service to measure the coachee's performance and growth by gathering information from confidential surveys from superiors and peers. With this information, we can design new development objectives if needed.
With all these steps, our training can develop valuable employees and provide precise results in organization investment.
5. Neurosciences :
Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system -- including the brain, the spinal cord, and networks of sensory nerve cells, or neurons, throughout the body. Humans contain roughly 100 billion neurons, the functional units of the nervous system. Neurons communicate by sending electrical signals long distances and then releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters that cross synapses -- small gaps between neurons.
As mentioned above, the massive benefit of Neuroscience Research is the new advantage of people's development. In this program, the organization will learn how to make your employee maximize their potential through the scientific method for being a tremendous maximum asset as they are. From this course, we focus on people's brains and make it is right now- though step by step from this course.
This program, neuroscience for The Executive Talent Leadership program, offers a wealth of practicals on achieving the best brain possible of talent to align with organizational value. It starts by teaching you to protect your brain, stimulate your brain, and how to use your gift, your brain, as the maximum for yourself. It gives instructions on practicing each day to ensure that you have created good practice mental workouts to keep your brain strong. A critical component is a physical exercise, which boosts blood flow and other positive nutrients to the brain. But not just any activity will do: you will be trained by our professional trainer to create a program that suits and gets your heart rate up (helping your heart) and involves the brain's coordination centers. Celebrate yourself with this program. The only thing we need from you to guarantee achievement is your decision with action.

Let us help your business today. Contact us now to start your journey.


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