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Crucial to understanding that leaders should never feel alone.

Crucial to understanding that leaders should never feel alone.

As a senior executive, you might feel isolated from your company's daily operations since your subordinates manage the day-to-day work. You mostly rely on their feedback to stay informed, which may seem like a time-efficient approach. However, depending on others to filter information can lead to suboptimal decisions. Being disconnected from the actual state of your business and your customers' needs can be harmful. Therefore, it is crucial to break out of your bubble.

Try engaging in tasks or activities outside your typical responsibilities to better connect with your employees and customers. For instance, handling customer service calls or collaborating with important clients can provide valuable insights and exposure to new issues. This direct interaction can help you better understand your employees' work and challenges.

One effective way to expand your perspective is to conduct skip-level meetings with lower-level teams. These meetings allow you to directly engage with employees responsible for executing the work, discussing business conditions, customer reactions, and implementation strategies. Participating in these meetings allows team members to share their innovative ideas, discuss challenges and issues, and receive feedback from senior leaders who can implement changes. This kind of interaction signals to employees that their contributions and ideas are important, fostering a culture of open communication, increased trust, and better results for the company.

It's important to encourage your employees to challenge your thinking and provide honest feedback in all interactions. Just because you're the most senior executive doesn't necessarily mean you always have the best ideas or solutions. Being open to feedback and suggestions allows you to make more informed decisions and better understand what it takes to succeed in your business.

Senior executives must leave their comfort zones to make the best decisions and stay connected with employees and customers. You can achieve this by taking on tasks beyond your usual responsibilities, holding skip-level meetings, and promoting open and honest feedback. These actions will provide valuable insights into your company's operations and identify areas for improvement. Staying in touch with your company's reality is stimulating and critical for ensuring relevance, innovation, and success.


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