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EPT Plus Report® is the series report of MCIC which focus on Employee Personality behaviors and attitudes. With EPT description, a personality is the totality of an individual’s distinctive traits. Although aspects of people personality can change slightly as a result of experience and self-awareness as people move through their life, their inherent personality was developed by the time they were. People cannot change the essence of who they are, but they can change their behavior.


EPT Plus Report® is a personality evaluation test, that has the objective to assess the potential of personality and attitude of Employee base on their intents; motive, traits, self-concept, and knowledge, to predict the potential of actions and expect outcome base on 32 dimensions.

MCIC stands for MissConsult Intelligence Competency Test; which is copyright under M.I.S.S.Consult Co., Ltd.


MCIC is based on Carl Jung’s Theory which focuses objective on Competency of working with norm more than 40,000 people and specification as below


(MissConsult Intelligent Competency Test ) 


EPT Plus Report® focuses on the reality that people separate to behave base on traits that it is difficult to change and the traits that can be changed base on environments and others factor. With giving the excellent results for predict the potential of a candidate with 32 dimensions. The others benefit included…

  • Separate Candidates to be 16 groups of Personality Types

  • 32 dimensions separate traits


M.I.S.S.CONSULT focus on the People Development program. 

We provide tools base on Scientific to measurement and assessment of each individual or as a team performance.

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We help companies understand their people, then drive behaviors to build a better relationship, ambition, competitive mindset.

Our service help client to achieve their goals.
We have a variety of tools in the world that carefully selected for our clients. We selected only the best that would help fix and expand our client's human capital as a good asset. Our services are Psychometric Test tools, Training courses, Coaching, Neuroscience, Assessment Center, DISC/Everything DiSC Certification course.

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We help companies understand their people, then drive behaviors to build a better relationship, ambition, competitive mindset.

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